Sunday, December 30, 2012

♥Victorian Life♥

Victorian Life

Supplies Needed:
Scrap Kit:  Victorian By CraftyPoly can be found at Mystical Scraps
Tube of choice.  I'm using Scarlet by Keith Garvey please do not use without having a license and buying the tube itself.
Mask:  WSL84.

New Canvas 800X600

Copy Paper 4 onto canvas apply mask and merge group.

Copy the following elements:
Element 6 75% 4 times.  Place on the left side.  
Element 9 75% 5 times and place on the left side of Element 6.
Element 2 mirror and re-size 75% 3 times and place on the right side.
Element 3 re-size 75% 5 times and place in front of Element 2.

Add tube of choice and place right in the middle of the tag (if that is not where it is after you paste it).  Add copyright and save as a psp or psd.

Add name(s) and you can add a gradient glow to it if you want and a dropshadow.  This helps to make the name pop out.   Save as a png and you are done.

Thank you for taking a look at my tut.


New Home

My CT Tuts have a new home.  I'll being putting all  my CTtuts I make for the people (stores) I CT for.  Hope you enjoy.

Also you will fine all the links to stores for kits, tubes, etc in the side bars where it says links.  I'll have separate boxes for stores, tubes, masks, templates, unless they come from the same spot.

Please read my tou before doing any of tutorials.  And as before group owners please link back to here if you want to use them in your groups or forums.