Sunday, April 14, 2013

§What a Girl Wants§

 What A Girl Wants
©Barbara Butler
April 13, 2013

This tutorial was written from my own imagination.  And any resememblence to any other is purely coincidental.  The tag was made in PSPX5 but any version will do.  And any painting program will work just fine.

Materials Needed:
Scrap Kit:  What A Girl Wants By Hania's Design you can fine the kit at Mystical Scraps Here
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Font of choice I used Sick City Capital you can fine it at

Drop Shadow:
For CU Tube: 4, 6, 100, 0, color of choice I used #6f0342.

Papers 03

04, 06, 09, 19, 24, 27, 49, 64, 75, 77

Lets Begin

New Canvas 800X600

All elements are resized by 75% unless otherwised stated.  See my tag for placement.

01.  Paste Element 77 on to the canvas.  Resize.  With magic wand click on the inside of the frame and paste Paper 03 on to the canvas invert and hit delete on your keyboard.

02.  Paste Element 75 and resize twice.  Free rotate 30 degrees to the left.  Duplicate mirror the copy and move to the left.

03.  Paste Element 27 and resize.  Duplicate and mirror.  Duplicate the original one more time resize and free rotate 30 degrees to the left.  And now on the first copy layer duplicate and resize and free rotate 30 degrees to the right.

04.  Paste Element 24.  Move to the bottom of the frame.  And place in front of the bigger flowers.

05.  Paste Element 06 and re size four times.  Bring to the top (unless you're already there) and place in front of the smaller flowers.

06.  Paste Element 04 and re size three times.  And place to the left of Element 24.

07.  Paste Element 09 re size twice.  And place to the right of Element 24.

08.  Paste Element 49 and re size three times.  Place to the right and behind the flower in the layer palette.

09.  Paste Element 64 re size twice.  Place on top of the frame left side.


Tube of choice.  I'm using the amazing artwork of Keith Garvey.  This is his LE for April 2013.  Any tube will do.  Please do not use with out a proper license.

01.  On the paper layer select all, float, de float, and a new raster layer and paste CU of tube (if yours comes with one), into selection.  Deselect.  Add a gradient glow of choice.  My settings for this are glow width of 3 (the rest on the basic tab remains the same).  For the color I just picked a color out of the tube.  You can move the arrows to where ever you would like.  Add a drop shadow of choice or use my settings.

02.  Paste your main tube resize to desire size.  And place just in front of Element 24.  You might need to move Element 04 behind the tube but that will all depend on the size of your tube.

Finishing Touches:

Add your copyright and name (do not convert the name to a raster yet).  Save as a psp.  Now convert to raster.  With crop tool crop the canvas down to size.  Now if its still to big (most forums dont like having tags bigger then 600) you might want to re size your tag).  Save as a png and you are done.  You can add any embellishments to the name that you want.  I like adding eye candy, inner bevel, and drop shadow to mine.

Thank you for taking a look at my tut.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

§The Secret Garden§

The Secret Garden
©Barbara Butler
April 7, 2013

Materials Needed:
Mystical Garden By Amy Marie can be found PFD.
Tube of choice I used the amazing artwork of Anna Marine This one is 46-1.  You can find it at CDO please  do not use without buying it and having a license to use it.
Photo editing program of choice.  I used PSPX5 but any version will due.  And any program will work as well (Gimp,, or PS whatever you have).
Fonts:  Arial for the copyright and Fairydust which you can get at

Plugins:  Optional
Eyecandy 4000-Gradient Glow (for copyright and name)
Scrap Kit Used:  Mystical Garden By Amy Marie
Elements and papers used:


Lets Begin

New canvas 800X600.

Select all and paste PP1 into selection and deselect.
Elements *§
* All elements are resized by 75% unless otherwised stated.
§See my tag for placement of the elements.

1.  Paste Element 18 mirror resize once and place to the left.  Just a little bit from the bottom.

2.  Paste Element60 resize twice and place just above Element18

3.  Paste Mask1 resize and move to the bottom right.

4.  Paste Element 95 resize twice place just above the water part of Mask1.  Duplicate, mirror, and move to the right.

5.  Paste Element 77 and move to the bottom right just above the Mask layer,

6.  Paste Element 53.  Move in front of Element18.  Resize and rotate as needed.  If you have any over hang go to Element 18 select all float defloat invert and back on Element 53 hit delete.  Just experiment with this part to you get the result you want.  If you want them brighter duplicate the layer a few times and merge the copies down to the original.

7.  Paste Element 121 resize twice and move to the top right.

8.  Paste Element 110 and move up and over to the left.

9.   Paste Element 34 resize twice and place on the bottom of the Mask.

10.  Paste Element4 and resize 4 times and move to the top right of Element 18.

11.  Paste your tube and resize as needed.  I resized mine once.  Move it between Element 18 and the Mask.  Add copyright and save as either a psp or psd.   You might want to move Element 4 to the right of your tube so you can see it.  But this step is optional depending on the tube you choose.

12.  Add name(s) and any effects you want to the name I use Eye Candy 4000's Gradient Glow (I use this for just about every tag for the name and the copyright, it helps make it pop.  And it also makes the copyright more visible).  Now I also add an inner bevel and a drop shadow to the names you can add these if you want with settings of choice.

Thank you very much for taking a look at my tut.