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Cupcake Delight

Cupcake Delight
©Barbara Butler
May 2, 2013

This tut was written for people with working knowledge of PSP.  Program used is PSP X5 but any should work just fine.  This was written from my own imagination and any resemblance is purely coincidental.
Materials Needed:
Scrap kit:  Frosted Cupcake Rissa Designs you can fine it Here
Template 13_2013 by Me you can fine it Here

Elements & Papers Used:
Cotton Candy
Candy Stick

Let's Begin:
Remember to save often.

Open template duplicate and close original.  Delete the copyright layer.

Paper Instructions:
On Raster2 select all>float>defloat paste Paper4 into selection.

On Raster7 select all>float>defloat and paste Paper7 into selection.

On Raster5 select all>float>defloat and paste Paper1 into selection.

On Raster3 select all>float>defloat and paste Paper6 into selection.

On Raster4 select all>float>defloat and paste Paper10 into selection.  Mirror the layer.

Element Instructions:
All Elements are resized by 75% unless other wised stated.  See my tag for placement.

Paste Cupcakes onto canvas resize once.  And if you're not already bring them to the top.

Paste Drapery place to the right and in front of Raster4.  Add a DS of choice or use my settings.  6, 4, 93, 9 #49352e  With the deform tool size as needed.

Paste Bow2 and resize.  Place to the left.  Add the same DS as before.

Paste Cupcake3 resize twice. Paste Cupcake2 resize 3 times.   Place each cupcake on drapery tops. 

Paste CottonCandy resize.  place to the right of the drapery.  Free rotate 15 degrees to the right.

Paste Cat resize twice, mirror, and move in front of the cotton candy.

Paste Candy Stick and place in front of the Drapery just in front of the long end.  Duplicate and place this one in front of the shorter end of the Drapery using the erase tool erase some of the bottom.

Add a tube of choice.  I'm using the artwork of Eugene Rzhevskii this tube was a gift for April Loyal customers over at pics for design.  Resize as needed.  Add copyright and save as a psp.

Add name(s) and any kind of embellishments to it.  Save as a png and you are done.

Thank you for taking a look at my tut.  Hope you like it.