Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beach Candy

Beach Candy
©Barbara Butler
August 2013

Scrap Kit:  Candy Beach By Rissa Designs can be found Here

Tube:  Roxy by Ellie Milk can be found at PFD.   Please do not use without buying it and having the proper license.


New image 900X600.  See my tag for element placement.

Sand:  C&P on to the canvas.

Deck Chair:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50%.

Bottle:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50%.

Butterfly:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50%.  Mirror and place behind the chair.

Palm Tree:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 75%.  Place behind the other elements.

Seagull:  C&P on to the canvas.  Place right beside the palm tree.

Flowers:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50% then by 75%.  Place between the chair and bottle.

Candy:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50% then again by 75%.  Place at the foot of the chair.

Seashell1:  C&P on to the canvas and send to the bottom.

Tube:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize as needed.  Place where you think it looks best.  Add copyright.

Finishing Touches:  Add name (do not convert to raster layer).  Save as a pspimage.  Convert it to a raster layer.  Crop and resize as needed and save as a png.  And you are done.

Thank you for taking a look at my tut.  Any comments is greatly appreciated.
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