Thursday, August 8, 2013

Its A Jungle Out There

It's A Jungle Out There
©Barbara Butler
August 2013


Scrap Kit:  It's My Jungle By Rissa Designs can be found Here.
Tube:  I'm using Leo by Pinuptoons.  You can fine it at CDO please do not use without buying it and having the proper license to do so.


New Image 800x600

Grass:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 75% twice.  Move down just a little bit.

Hippo:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50%.  Place to the left of the grass.

Giraffe:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 75%.  Place behind the hippo.

Lion:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50%.  Place between the hippo and giraffe.

Log:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50%.  Place on the right side of the grass.

Meerkat:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50%.  Place on top of the log.

Monkey:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize by 50%.  Place in front of the log.

Frame5:  C&P on to the canvas.  Move it below the other elements.  Now you're going to want to draw a circle on the inside.  You can either use the preset shape or your selection tool which ever is easier for you.  Draw a circle on the inside of the frame then C&P Paper11 as a new layer (If you used the preset shape you're gonna want to use your magic wand to click on the inside of the circle first).  Invert and hit delete.   Select none.  Move the paper layer below the frame.  If you have some of the paper going outside of the frame on the sides the other elements will cover it up.

Tube:  C&P on to the canvas.  Resize as needed.  Add copyright

Finishing Touches:  Add name and save as a pspimage.  Crop and resize as needed and save as a png. 

Thank you for taking a look at my tut.  Any comments are appreciated.
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