Friday, December 6, 2013

Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories
©Barbara Butler
December 2013

I'm using Amy Marie's Holiday Memories2 kit for this tut.  You may fine this kit at

01.  Open up Pp16 and duplicate it (if you do this make sure it is at 72DPI.  Apply the mask, and merge the mask group.
Paste the paper on to the canvas.  Send it to the bottom.
Add a drop shadow to the mask layer.  I used #38024c and had V5, H3, OP90, BL8 then did it again with the V-5 and H3 then the rest stayed the same.

02.  Paste Element 19 on to the canvas.  Re size it twice, once by 75% then again by 85%.  Rotate it 15 degrees to the right.  Place it on the bottom right.

03.  Paste Element 23 on to the canvas.  Re size it by 50% once.  Place it on the bottom left.

04.  Paste Element 53 on to the canvas.  Place beside Element 19.

05.  Paste Element 65 on to the canvas.  Mirror it and place it on the top right.  Re size it by 75%.

06.  Paste Element 66 on to the canvas.  Place behind the other elements and change the blend mode to Soft Light.

07.  Paste Element 77 on to the canvas.  Place it on the top.

08.  Paste Tube(s) of choice on to the canvas.  Re size it by  65% twice.  Place it to your liking. 
Back on the mask layer use your magic wand and click on the outside of it.  Paste tube of choice on to the canvas, invert the selection and hit the delete key.  Change the blend mode to what ever fits your tube.  Add copyright.

09.  Add name and save as a pspimage.  Add any effects you would like.  Re size the tag if needed.  Save as a png and you are done.

Thank you for taking a look at my tut.  Hope you have enjoyed it.
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